One Nation Under God: Lecture Three

wednesday, march 8, 7.30 pm

Religious Freedom in America

Jealous of their individual autonomy, the American colonies were especially concerned that a strong central government would impose an official religion on the states . This lecture examines how the American founders worked out a system to guarantee religious freedom via the First Amendment clauses that forbid the government from imposing any religion on the people nor allowing it to restrict the religious freedom of individual citizens …

About the Speaker


Kenneth Wald is a University of Florida Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science and the Samuel R. “Bud” Shorstein Professor Emeritus of American Jewish Culture & Society. His scholarship covers politics and religion in the United States, Great Britain and Israel. His previous books include Religion and Politics in the United States, which is in its eighth edition; The Politics of Cultural Differences: Social Change and Voter Mobilization Strategies in the Post-New Deal Period. In 2019, his book The Foundations of American Jewish Liberalism won a National Jewish Book Award.


Digitized Resource

Francis R. Duffy, “Religious Freedom in America,” in Christian and Jew: A Symposium for a Better Understanding, New York, 1929, pp. 311-321.